Shadow’s Call is a point-and-click adventure game in the best traditions of classic adventure titles designed to immerse you in a dark urban fantasy realm that exists in the shadows of our own. Take control of the witty, snarky, and spirited Arielle Corvus and guide her through a world filled with Fallen Angels that run gambling joints, small towns that hide many secrets, and shadowy demons that lurk around every corner. Keep your wits about you as you help her solve the case, and you just might prevent the end of the world.

When Arielle Corvus, paranormal investigator extraordinaire, is hired to solve the murder of a local college student, it seems like all in a day’s work… even if the ghost of the dead girl herself hired her. But things get out of control when Arielle discovers that the girl is not who she appeared to be, and that the world could go to hell… literally… if she doesn’t solve the mystery in time.



•Story driven game done in an interactive graphic novel style.
•An intuitive “Point-and-Click” control scheme.
•Challenging puzzles that range from the cerebral to the reaction-based, and rely on you to unlock dialogue trees, manage your inventory, and explore your environment.
•Full voice cast.
•Original music.
•Lush hand-drawn artwork and animation.
•A story that tackles serious themes but isn’t afraid to find space to laugh with a tale filled with thrills and humour.
•A hint system that only pops up when it needs to.
•A setting filled with a variety of interesting characters, both supernatural and not.
•Keep an eye out for easter eggs and references to other adventure games and pop culture.

The immersive world of Shadow’s Call awaits your involvement. Come in, explore, and live the adventure.

And keep an eye out for Episode 2, coming very soon.

Thank you for supporting indie game development with your download of this game. Your support and your feedback will help us grow this new IP to its full potential.


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