Bug Fix Update

8 01 2011


I just received word that the developer uploaded a new update for the game. We had been receiving reports that some players had problems with the Binding Spell puzzle, due to problems with the inventory. As such, the programmers went through it and I am happy to report that they fixed the problem.

So go online through your i-device or through iTunes and get that update! And keep letting us know about whatever problems you may have and we’ll get on them right away.


Episode 2 Info

7 01 2011

Well, there have been quite a few comments around the web questioning our decision to charge $0.99 for what is an admittedly short first episode. Some people have said that the length is okay, considering that a cup of coffee costs twice as much and can be finished in a fraction of the time. Conversely, some people have said that they deserve more value for their money, especially in a crowded marketplace.

Fear not, the developers have listened. To reward those who will purchase/have purchased the first episode, the second episode will be delivered to you in a forthcoming update entirely for free.

That’s right: you get a free update that extends your playing time by a lot, incorporating more puzzles, more conversation trees, and much more story!

Watch this space for further information.

New Update!

31 12 2010

As the title implies, there is a new update in the iTunes store.

When the game was first released a week ago, there was glaring glitch that unfortunately passed the QA testers at both Imba and Apple; namely, the game didn;t have a “continue” function! Instead of bookmarking your progress when you left the app, the game forced players to retsart from the very beginning. Needless to say, that was not good.

Thankfully, the programmers at Imba worked hard to fix the issue. Yesterday, a new update went live that should solve the problem. If you already bought the game and need the update, just click on the AppStore link. New customers will be able to download the fixed version right away.

Many apologies, and enjoy the game.


31 12 2010

Greetings, adventure game lovers!

Welcome to the official blog for the game “Shadow’s Call”. Here, you’ll find a regularly updated repository for the latest news about the game. In addition, we plan to fill this thing with articles about the creation of the game, including behind the scenes looks, interviews, and general blog posts that we find interesting.

We’ll also go in depth into the world of the game, taking a look at the characters, storyline, and other fun stuff. So check back regularly, a leave us some comments!

For a summary of the game, as well as features, check out the “About” button next to the “Home” button at the top of the page.

And don’t forget to click on the AppStore link on the sidebar to get your own copy.